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We are matchmakers. We love to make connections and focus on enriching the lives of our clients. We value being genuine and our word is our bond. We strive to build strong relationships and create clients for life by intuitively listening, thinking proactively, anticipating needs and looking for the positive. We are attentive and lightning fast in our response times and we act with the utmost concern and care for those around us. We are light hearted and love giving back to our community and we truly enjoy what we do! If this speaks to you, I hope we get to meet soon!

If you have a chance, take a moment to read some of our client kudos below.

Client Kudos

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Kudos From Clients 

Enjoyed working with Elizabeth. Excellent communicator and marketing professional. She understood my requirements and clearly delivered as promised. Will definitely recommend Elizabeth to friends! G & S Mattevi

Elizabeth has been a blessing since we’ve met. She is an absolute professional with a caring heart and has always been a pleasure to work with. There is nobody I’ll work with in the Sacramento area in the future except for her! Thank you! R. Skinner

It has been a wonderful experience purchasing a house with Elizabeth as my agent. She always made herself available when there was a property I wanted to see. Elizabeth’s expertise and knowledge of real estate is outstanding and made the process enjoyable. Even after the house closed she comes over often offering decorating advice and referrals of the many different services and workmen that I have needed. I will definitely provide Elizabeth with referrals and also use her for future real estate transactions. Elizabeth is the best. N. Caldwell

Elizabeth exceeded my expectations! I am so happy that I found her and my new home! Since I buy and sell homes for a living, I have never worked with an agent that’s so on top of it! She really looked after my best interest. I would definitely use Elizabeth again for sure! C. Bates

This was my first home sale and Elizabeth was wonderful to work with. She was energetic, efficient and very helpful. I would highly recommend her to family and friends. L. Charter

I was very fortunate Elizabeth answered the phone when I called Lyon Real Estate. Over the past forty-two years I have purchased seven properties and have worked with twenty plus Realtors with Elizabeth being number one, and think she needs to be publicly recognized for her communication skills, attention to details, satisfying her customer’s needs and following up skills. Elizabeth knew the important questions to ask so she could determine what I wanted in my home. In a matter of a few weeks, Elizabeth found the perfect house and it was all due to her abilities to pull information out of me, because my communications skills need to improve. Elizabeth was very patient and understood my needs to read every document even if it wasn’t the final one – I appreciate her attention to every detail imaginable and especially her great sense of humor. Once Escrow closed I thought my relationship with Elizabeth was complete, but no, she has called me to see if I needed additional support as well as checking in with me to see if all was well and has recommended others who could support my move. Elizabeth is now in my life as a friend and I am telling everyone I know, that she is the best Realtor I have ever done business with and there have been many! When and if my son’s and their families move to Sacramento they will use Elizabeth. R. Mason

“We really can’t think of a thing we would change or suggest! The entire process of marketing and selling our home was beautifully and professionally handled. You all made this huge life transition as stress free as possible! Many thank for taking care of us!” S. Cosner & D. Vargo

“Elizabeth and her team were professional, transparent, realistic and caring.  It was a pleasure working with them and I have already engaged them in another transaction.” D. & P. Hirth

“Elizabeth & her team were great to work with on the sale of our home. She was insightful, helpful and professional throughout the transaction.” J. & S. Mudgett

“Elizabeth & her team performed at the highest levels of professionalism. I will continue to recommend Elizabeth to my friends & family! Great job!” M. Pankow

“Elizabeth & her team were amazing. Very detail-oriented, always kept us in the loop. My husband and I let her know what we wanted and she & her team delivered. Thank you!” M. & C. Lockwood

“Elizabeth & her team were great! They always responded to our questions & concerns promptly and made sure we felt comfortable throughout the selling and buying process.” Q. & L. Dobbs

“I am writing to express my tremendous gratitude for the ample assistance you provided in facilitating the sale of our house on Crestwood in South Land Park. Two words immediately come to mind when I think about the aplomb with which you handled the sale of our property: enthusiasm and diligence. There were numerous hurdles and complications along the way–a tenant residing in the house for a significant portion of the sale period (and a dispute about who was ultimately responsible for some damage to the wood floor); an initial buyer that abandoned the sale for no reason related to the house; and a grumpy neighbor that over-reacted to a trivial lawn encroachment, unsettling the buyer’s agent. Despite these obstacles and setbacks, I was extremely impressed how you maintained an upbeat attitude and dedicated work ethic throughout the process, finding friendly and creative solutions to the satisfaction of all.I clearly recall the words you said when I was dejected by the first buyer walking away: “I believe in this house.” This was precisely what I needed to hear to pick myself up, dust myself off, and get back to the business of selling the house. Even more importantly, it gave me the confidence that that was precisely what you were going to do, and you did. Best of all you ultimately secured an offer $2500 over asking price, with an empty house ( no staging, saving us over $1000) and no repair contingencies—-not even a roof certification request! Although the road was bumpy for much of the journey, you kept a firm and steady hand on the wheel, and the home stretch could not have been smoother. Should you need an enthusiastic reference, I would be happy to serve as such on your behalf. You are a genuine credit to the real estate profession, and I thank you mightily for your services.” J. Dye

“I want to take this time to acknowledge the wonderful experience I had with Elizabeth Axelgard who works out of the Lyon Land Park Branch. I first met Elizabeth at an open house and I immediately knew she was someone I wanted to work with. She is professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate. She worked diligently to help me find a home that reflected me as a person. She always kept me informed, was prompt in returning my phone calls and was always willing to work around my crazy schedule. Elizabeth exceeded all my expectations, and words can’t express the gratitude I have for all her help. I have made a true friend through this experience and I believe when someone goes above and beyond what they have to do they certainly deserve the recognition for it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend my friends and family to work with Elizabeth at Lyon Real Estate in the future.” Dr. Chai
“We lucked out on a Google search for Realtors! We found Elizabeth’s profile and gave her a call. She responded quickly, talked to us about what we liked and where we would like to live. She listened to us and then gave us a tour of neighborhoods we had been considering and some we had not. All the while explaining the potential pros and cons of each. This was extraordinarily helpful since we’ve only lived in Sacramento for about a year and still don’t know the area very well. She showed us what our budget would afford and worked tirelessly to find us a home that would meet our expectations (high) and our budget (low). The entire time Elizabeth showed us that she was committed to getting us into a place that we would love whether we found it in a week or a few months. She has a very keen eye and seemed to know what would or wouldn’t work for us better than we did. Being first time home buyers she made the process easy and taught us a lot. She found us the perfect place in The Pocket and we couldn’t be happier! We had a lot of fun working with her…thanks Elizabeth!” Anne & Daan
“I started my house search about 2 years ago. I was on my second realtor, had seen about 50 houses, and was feeling very discouraged. A close friend of mine had just bought a house so I asked about her realtor. She was so excited to tell me her realtor was great and very helpful and I should give her a call. So I did. After my first conversation with Elizabeth I was feeling very optimistic. She had all the qualities I was looking for. We got together and started looking and talking. Elizabeth was very proactive and on top of the market. She showed me different neighborhoods, wanting to make sure I knew all my options. I checked in with my loan officer, and told him I had a new realtor and if anyone could find me a home, it would be her. About 3 months later, we had found the house. As I walked through the house it just felt right. It had all the important things I was looking for. Elizabeth said this was only the 2nd house we had looked at that felt right to her too. So we wrote an offer that night and the rest is history. It was the right house, with the perfect backyard, on a quiet street in a safe neighborhood. We are safe and happy in our new home! And the $8000 tax refund I got because we found a house this year is the icing on the cake. I highly recommend Elizabeth! I referred my friend to her also, and they closed today on his new house! Thanks!” E. Stone
“We wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the recent experience we had in buying our first home with Elizabeth Axelgard. She is an outstanding member of your team, and we would recommend her highly to anyone looking to purchase a home.When we began our home search, we started by attending several open houses to see how different the pictures online were from reality and think about what requirements we would have. We left our contact information with several agents who promised to follow up—none did. Elizabeth was the first agent who showed real interest, including immediately giving us detailed information on other local houses for sale. She took the time during the open house to explain all the codes and abbreviations on the real estate reports, and prioritized available houses based on the level of work we wanted to do on a house.She quickly followed up via email and phone and offered to show us houses the next weekend. We were very nervous about everything in this process, and Elizabeth was incredibly patient with all of our questions, anticipating our fears and concerns. She was down-to-earth and honest about repairs and what would be an acceptable offer should we choose a house. Elizabeth was also very knowledgeable about the neighborhoods we were interested in, down to knowing the quality of one street as compared to another. For example, one house we saw online seemed like a great deal on a great street. Elizabeth knew right away that it was too good to be true, and this was proved with both the level of work required and the low price the owner had listed in order to solicit many offers. When we found the house we loved and began the buying process, we were completely surprised and impressed by the level of service Elizabeth provided.There is no way we could have made it through so easily without all the time and coordination that she gave. We know we had what were probably unfounded worries and way too many questions and concerns, but Elizabeth never showed anything but understanding and support.We are so happy with our first home, and completely appreciate all of the work Elizabeth put into helping us buy it.” L. Groff
“I cannot thank Elizabeth enough for helping me find such a nice home. Elizabeth was asked by my primary agent to take me house hunting while she was on vacation. I found my house on my second outing with her. The day before we met, she showed me a listing of the house and told me, I have a good feeling about this one.Well, when I walked in, I knew she was on to something. Elizabeth is energetic, positive and very knowledgeable regarding the real estate market. I liked the fact that she drove me around to show me what to look for in a neighborhood before selecting a home. It made a big difference and I appreciated her expertise. Elizabeth even went around and talked to the neighbors to get feedback on the area. She also gave me some designing tips as a bonus. It was a true joy and fun experience working with her. We laughed a lot! I would highly recommend Elizabeth to all my friends who are looking for a dynamic, energetic, passionate and knowledgeable agent. It was a pleasure working with her.” C. Dunlap

“It’s really hard to say anything negative about Elizabeth–professionally OR personally. She is a hard working, honest woman who is dedicated to her clients and goes above and beyond to get the job done. Our family has used Elizabeth in the past and I know no one else I would trust in buying or selling a home. Period. She is truly the best real estate agent there is. Whatever you situation, whatever your home, she is the one to call.” P. Stringham

“Elizabeth Axelgard is a classy forthright high end realtor. She helped my wife and I purchase and then lease a property from start to finish. If you desire an individual and office who’s communication and ability to coordinate around one’s schedule is flawless I strongly recommend you give Elizabeth Axelgard a call.” S. & C. Stout

“Elizabeth is fantastic! She is knowledgeable, responsive, and all around great! She is able to help one sort through the properties listed and to find the ideal one to fit the situation! She is also careful to watch out for the buyer’s interest. I highly recommend her!” H. Kwok

“She was fabulous! She was always available and super informative! She was educated and able to explain all of the laws, rules, loan process, and everything else that was needed to purchase our home. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone.” S. Kellogg

This is to recommend the services of Elizabeth Axelgard who tirelessly worked for me, and my family, in finding our new home. Elizabeth did her job professionally and got all the details right. Her questions and knowledge helped clarify our choices and focus our needs. We were fussy about what we wanted and she was endlessly patient. After the deal was done she checked in several times to make sure we were still happy and that the last details had been resolved. In addition Elizabeth’s warmth, zest for her job and sense of humor helped us stay the course and made her fun to work with. I highly recommend you consider her as your Realtor.” E. Casey

“Elizabeth was great, she immediately figured out our preferences. She is very professional, detailed and reliable. Look forward to working with her again.” C & L Hidalgo

“Our experience with Elizabeth & her team was exceptional! They truly went above and beyond for us. Always available for our questions and needs.” M. & L. Rockefeller

“Elizabeth & her team exceeded all our expectations. As first time home buyers, she made the process of finding our first  (and perfect) home an incredible and amiable experience. We highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. Whether it’s your first home or next, Elizabeth makes finding a home an incredible experience.” G. Berrios & A. Arellano

“We honestly got more than the best house possible-very quickly. We would not have without Elizabeth. She is always available when we call or text with questions at a weird hour. The best experience ever and would highly recommend to my friends.” S. & S. Laughlin

“Elizabeth worked diligently to market our house, but really shined when the first buyer backed out; she was tireless in her efforts to save the sale and then bring a second buyer quickly. She and her staff made the process easy. She’s successful for a reason.” S. Kever

“Elizabeth was instrumental in helping me price my property correctly and selling it quickly. She takes a personal interest in every aspect of the process and kept me informed (sometimes daily) on all of the important tasks and milestones during the sale. She is well organized and it shows. Her experience was a major plus for me. She knew the local market fully, both with recent comparable sales prices and the condition of many of the competing properties. I felt confident relying on her guidance and the result was a sale with no headaches and no regrets. I highly recommend Elizabeth and her team.” K. Brownfield

“I had the pleasure of both buying and selling homes with Elizabeth’s assistance. Her vast knowledge of the real estate market coupled with undying patience to find a home that satisfied all my requirements, proved to be a very successful match for me. After living in the same house for almost fifteen years, the idea of moving was overwhelming. Elizabeth was patient and supportive every step of the way, giving me the confidence to move forward. Two escrows successfully closed, timing perfect, happily living in Land Park!” M. Ricigliano

“Ms. Axelgard was fantastic-knowledgeable, dedicated, friendly, responsive and always professional.I will miss her great smiling face!” Dr. A. Rozycki

“Elizabeth deserves high praise for her competence and professionalism. From the beginning she communicated properties that met our needs. When we found the “best fit”property, she advised us and guided us through the offer, inspections and final close making it painless. I have no hesitation referring her to anyone who has real estate need.” R. & M. Kemp

“I want you to know that Elizabeth has done outstanding work, for my wife and me, in regards to purchasing our house. She navigated us through an attempt to purchase a short sale. Without her advice, guidance, and support we might have made a great mistake. Despite our frayed nerves and constant need to talk, she always treated us with patience and tolerance. She ALWAYS returned my emails, texts, and calls! She also too the time to figure out our wants, needs, and preferences instead of trying to push something that wouldn’t fit us. In the end we found another house. Elizabeth knew the right questions to ask and knew where to turn if she needed more information All in all Elizabeth was top notch and I’m sure one of the best you have.” T. Sisterson

Elizabeth was great! I feel she went above and beyond to get me the home I wanted. She has a customer for life. P. Reeder

“We can’t express enough our sincere gratitude for all Elizabeth has done to make our purchase possible. Her strong selling skills and effectively closing the deal has really inspired us. Not only did she exceeded our expectations but made the process an enjoyable experience. Elizabeth truly enjoys the challenge and loves her job.She exemplifies one of the best realtors in the market and is a great example for her peers to follow. She truly is a professional and we have and will continue to recommend her to anyone that is looking for a real pro that knows what it takes to close a deal.” F. & R. Gauger

“Elizabeth was fantastic throughout the short sale process. She kept me informed, even if it was to check in with minor updates. She is knowledgeable, prompt and professional, which makes her successful at what she does.” A. Chaney