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As a resident of the Sacramento Region for over 30 years, I’ve got the scoop on all the neighborhoods. Our area is so rich in history & vibrant arts, with abundant farmer’s markets & high quality dining. Its unparalleled beauty and outdoor adventure & recreation make it the perfect region to call home. Take the next step in your home buying process with a relator who is committed to finding your perfect match and making your home buying process a breeze.
Read what my past buyers have to say about working with me.

“I started my house search about 2 years ago. I was on my second realtor, had seen about 50 houses, and was feeling very discouraged. A close friend of mine had just bought a house so I asked about her realtor. She was so excited to tell me her realtor was great and very helpful and I should give her a call. So I did. After my first conversation with Elizabeth I was feeling very optimistic. She had all the qualities I was looking for. We got together and started looking and talking. Elizabeth was very proactive and on top of the market. She showed me different neighborhoods, wanting to make sure I knew all my options. I checked in with my loan officer, and told him I had a new realtor and if anyone could find me a home, it would be her. About 3 months later, we had found the house. As I walked through the house it just felt right. It had all the important things I was looking for. Elizabeth said this was only the 2nd house we had looked at that felt right to her too. So we wrote an offer that night and the rest is history. It was the right house, with the perfect backyard, on a quiet street in a safe neighborhood. We are safe and happy in our new home! And the $8000 tax refund I got because we found a house this year is the icing on the cake. I highly recommend Elizabeth! I referred my friend to her also, and they closed today on his new house! Thanks!” E. Stone

Elizabeth was great! I feel she went above and beyond to get me the home I wanted. She has a customer for life. P. Reeder

“We wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the recent experience we had in buying our first home with Elizabeth Axelgard. She is an outstanding member of your team, and we would recommend her highly to anyone looking to purchase a home.When we began our home search, we started by attending several open houses to see how different the pictures online were from reality and think about what requirements we would have. We left our contact information with several agents who promised to follow up—none did. Elizabeth was the first agent who showed real interest, including immediately giving us detailed information on other local houses for sale. She took the time during the open house to explain all the codes and abbreviations on the real estate reports, and prioritized available houses based on the level of work we wanted to do on a house.She quickly followed up via email and phone and offered to show us houses the next weekend. We were very nervous about everything in this process, and Elizabeth was incredibly patient with all of our questions, anticipating our fears and concerns. She was down-to-earth and honest about repairs and what would be an acceptable offer should we choose a house. Elizabeth was also very knowledgeable about the neighborhoods we were interested in, down to knowing the quality of one street as compared to another. For example, one house we saw online seemed like a great deal on a great street. Elizabeth knew right away that it was too good to be true, and this was proved with both the level of work required and the low price the owner had listed in order to solicit many offers. When we found the house we loved and began the buying process, we were completely surprised and impressed by the level of service Elizabeth provided.There is no way we could have made it through so easily without all the time and coordination that she gave. We know we had what were probably unfounded worries and way too many questions and concerns, but Elizabeth never showed anything but understanding and support.We are so happy with our first home, and completely appreciate all of the work Elizabeth put into helping us buy it.” L. Groff

“It’s really hard to say anything negative about Elizabeth–professionally OR personally. She is a hard working, honest woman who is dedicated to her clients and goes above and beyond to get the job done. Our family has used Elizabeth in the past and I know no one else I would trust in buying or selling a home. Period. She is truly the best real estate agent there is. Whatever you situation, whatever your home, she is the one to call.” P. Stringham

“I cannot thank Elizabeth enough for helping me find such a nice home. Elizabeth was asked by my primary agent to take me house hunting while she was on vacation. I found my house on my second outing with her. The day before we met, she showed me a listing of the house and told me, I have a good feeling about this one.Well, when I walked in, I knew she was on to something. Elizabeth is energetic, positive and very knowledgeable regarding the real estate market. I liked the fact that she drove me around to show me what to look for in a neighborhood before selecting a home. It made a big difference and I appreciated her expertise. Elizabeth even went around and talked to the neighbors to get feedback on the area. She also gave me some designing tips as a bonus. It was a true joy and fun experience working with her. We laughed a lot! I would highly recommend Elizabeth to all my friends who are looking for a dynamic, energetic, passionate and knowledgeable agent. It was a pleasure working with her.” C. Dunlap

“She was fabulous! She was always available and super informative! She was educated and able to explain all of the laws, rules, loan process, and everything else that was needed to purchase our home. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone.” S. Kellogg

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