homes for sale in auburn & lincoln

Auburn’s ideal location appeals to working and retired people alike. Located only 30 miles from the city of Sacramento, commuting is a manageable distance in a reasonable time. To the west, in less than two hours, take in the ocean air in San Francisco. Head eastward toward the Sierras to find yourself swishing down the slopes or enjoying magnificent Lake Tahoe.

Auburn’s natural backdrop sets the stage for the changing of seasons that is hard-pressed to find on the West Coast. From spring blossoms to optimal summer weather for outdoor activities and rich-colored autumn foliage to the cozy feeling of winter without the snow.

Auburn offers a variety of dwellings in which to call home, ranging from single family home ownership to renting opportunities. Choose from a newer community or one of Auburn’s more established neighborhoods. Stay close to the city center or venture further out towards a more natural landscape.

Auburn is abound with recreational opportunities including rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding and golf. Its close proximity to Lake Tahoe makes the finest skiing available. Known as the Endurance Capital of the World, Auburn is home to the Western States Endurance Run, and Western States Trail 100 Mile-Tevis Cup Ride.

There is a strong sense of community in Auburn. Athletic leagues, team sports and community events create a connection through fun and comradery. The quaintness of historical Old Town mixed with its modern day recreation lends for a cultured atmosphere. There is something for everyone including antique fairs, art galleries, coffee shops, tasting rooms and notable restaurants.

Auburn residents boast that going home to Auburn is like going on vacation.

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